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james karen - on purpose

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A witty, insightful guide to rediscovering Purpose and leading like you mean it

On Purpose is a modern–day business book for those who want to steer their work and life back on course.  When your head and heart connect in both, our humanity becomes the hero in the story.  Shed the mediocrity that comes from halfhearted decision–making, and rediscover your PLOT Purpose, Leadership, Operations, and Technology as you learn to live and lead with purpose. This insightful guide provides a framework for re–evaluating your direction, then stepping back and re–aiming the ship. It starts with a fable that illustrates just how businesses lose their PLOT every day, then digs down to the nitty–gritty to give you the actionable steps and practical advice you need to climb out of the rut. Deliberately ironic and witty, this book presents a fun, but informative read that is anything but cynical. You’ll learn from the author’s own successes using PLOT in her career, as she turned a $9M business into a $100M business and went on to drive international and domestic philanthropic ventures and leadership training programmes.

  • PLOT will become the most practical four–letter word you’ll ever use. This book shows you how a simple framework can become the turnaround your organisation and life so desperately need. Get your work on target
  • Shift engagement methods for better results
  • Leverage technology into a purposeful tool
  • Get up and act

You may already have a documented vision and mission statement, but that’s no longer sufficient. You need to act and lead with purpose, every day, in every decision you make. You need to recognise and utilise good people and tools, and redefine your goals to make them worth striving for. On Purpose shows you how, and gives you the practical, tested guidance you need to start moving in the right direction.

Lingua Italiana!

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    Lingua: Inglese
    Pubblicazione: 09/2015

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