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baker susan - new consumer marketing

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The advent of a new kind of consumer is making traditional approaches to marketing redundant. New Consumers are informed, empowered and at large in a dynamic marketplace. How can brand owners and retailers best connect with them?

New Consumer Marketing recognizes and tackles this question. The answer lies in adopting a value–centric orientation and refocusing marketing on the three key processes of value definition, value creation and value delivery. Drawing on learning from the living sciences, Susan Baker presents an organic framework for meeting the actual needs of New Consumers through superior levels of insight, innovation and agility.

This book clearly explains the rationale for managing marketing as a demand system and is richly illustrated throughout with cases to show how this approach can help organizations be more effective.

“I read every word and I learned an enormous amount about how consumers are driving markets in ways totally different from those I knew so much about when I was an FMCG marketing director. This is a must read.” Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield, UK.

“This book brings together the best of new marketing thinking in a way that will help mangers not only understand it, but implement it.” Pete Brown, St. Lukes, London, UK.

“New Consumer Marketing will shake your preconceptions about marketing and challenge you to re–tune your thinking. Susan Baker s work is a comprehensive articulation of the new marketing realities and is a must read for marketers.” Chris Green, VP Marketing, Dulux, Slough, UK.

“Overall a very challenging and thought–provoking book. One to keep for constant reference in the new, little–charted landscape.” Claire Watson, Marketing Society, Middlesex, UK.

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    Lingua: Inglese
    Pubblicazione: 06/2003

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