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Love Online Scaricare (Leggi online.Download) Libro Gratuito PDF, ePub, Kindle

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Prologue: On the net

– Love’s new world

– The hypermarket of desire

– A virtual slap in the face

– A New Drug

– What Does Just for Sex’ Mean?

– The Net’s Hidden Treasures

Part I: In real life

1. You never know what to expect’

– I Felt A Bit Like A Call Girl’

– I’m Looking For a Man’

2. First steps

– The Sound of Heels

– Why Are so Many People Stood Up?

– Inner Beauty

– Dates That Do Not Work Out

– Making a Quick Get–Away

– Having a Drink

– Who Pays the Bill?

– Getting It Right

3. Getting it right

– A New Courtly Code

– Should You Kiss on A First Date?

– At Your Own Pace

– Kino Escalation

– Chemistry

– If He’s A Good Kisser’

4. A new dance

– The Revolution in the Dating System

– What Flirting Means

– Would You Like To Dance?’

– The Whole World is A Dance Hall

Part II: Pleasure and feeling

5. Should you have sex on a first date ?

– If You Want To’

– Where’s The Harm?

– Slag!’

– A World Apart

– Cafés Elsewhere

6. Sex as a leisurely activity

– When Sex Broke Free From Feelings

– Sexual Liberation: How Do Things Really Stand?

– Feeling Good Together

– The Story of A.

– Post Coitum

7. The game

– The Games People Play

– A Popular Sport

– Statistics

– Some Portraits

– Disgust and Cynicism

8. The lovesex imbroglio

– A Little Love

– FWBs

– A New Relationship With Exes?

– People Still Want Long–Term Relationships

– Sex Is Not A Leisure Activity Like Any Other

– Sex, Lies and The Internet

– Sex/Love: A Historical Reversal

Part III: Women, Sex and Love

9. Unbridled pleasure?

– Provisional Freedom

– Men Never Change

– Freedom, Equality and Sexuality

– Revolt

– The Impossible Golden Mean

– A Cold, Selfish Monster

– More

10. The bad boy’ paradox

– From Prince Charming to Bad Boy

– In Praise of Pick–Up Artists

– Return of the Bastard

11. Avoiding the traps

– Sex Today

– A Break From Normal Life

– Men As Sex Toys

– A Cycle

– The Dilemma

– Why Women Are Wallflowers

– SexLove


Appendix: on methodology


Lingua Italiana!

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    Pubblicazione: 02/2012

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